10 Ways to Get High Grades in IGCSE Chemistry

Get High Grades in IGCSE Chemistry Image

IGCSE stands for International General Certificate of Secondary Education. The Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry syllabus allows learners to gain an understanding of basic chemistry principals via theory and practical. They also develop the skills needed to further study at Cambridge International A Level. If you are hoping to get good grades in it, then you should read top 10 ways to get high grades in IGCSE Chemistry mentioned right here.

Get High Grades in IGCSE Chemistry Image

Find About the Best Guide

If you think that you cannot learn every aspect of the syllabus from a single textbook, then you should find out about any other textbooks that might help you. Some students consider Nelson Thornes Chemistry Textbook for IGCSE to be pretty good so you can give it a shot.

Remember Which Questions are Asked in Which Paper

You should look at previous years’ papers and solve as many as possible to be able to spot patterns. For instance, according to some students, Paper 6 usually consists of qualitative analysis tables. So, if you master them, your probability of getting good marks will increase.

Go for Flow Charts

Another tip that might help you to get high grades in IGCSE Chemistry is that you should create a flow chart of all the reactions. It will not only make revisions a breeze but will also help you to revise anywhere you want.

Be Aware

You must keep yourself updated on all the recent developments related to Chemistry to ensure that you don’t come up blank if an examiner asks you a question regarding a latest Chemistry related trend.

The Most Important Stuff

Though you will hear scores of students saying that everything is important when it comes to IGCSE Chemistry, you should pay special attention to all Element Symbols, Formulae, and Valency.

No Applying Knowledge Questions

You should also realize that it is not likely that you will have to deal with applying knowledge questions that annoy many students. That makes chemistry better than Biology or Physics for many students.

Facts are Important

Chemistry is a more fact-based subject so you should be sure that you get all the facts right. Don’t skip any of the facts and you’ll do fine.

Let Your Teacher Decide

If your teacher thinks that you will do better if you attempt papers based on an extended syllabus rather than the core syllabus then you should listen to him or her. In case you have a doubt, talk about it with another authority like your tutor to confirm the same.

Practice for the Practical’s

You should know that an important aspect of the IGCSE exam are the practical’s that you cannot ignore whether you are taking the exam based on core or extended syllabus. So, you should practice for the practicals to ensure that you handle the apparatus carefully and don’t end up making a fool of yourself just because you were too nervous.

Focus on Ions and Gases

As an IGCSE Chemistry aspirant, you should also be able to explain scientific relationships to the examiners. For instance, you should be able to use the moving or kinetic particle theory and explain ideas about the rate of reaction

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