12th CBSE Board Exams are cancelled! What should you do now?

12th CBSE Board Exams are cancelled! What should you do now?

Covid-19 Pandemic has indeed affected the academic calendar of the students. It has created a lot of anxiety and confusion among the students, teachers, and parents, making it challenging for the government and the CBSE board to decide that appeals to everyone. Accordingly, a meeting was held on the 1st of June involving the Honorable First Minister, the Education Minister, Concerned secretaries, and various stakeholders from different parts of the country. A mutual decision has been drawn out: To cancel the 12th CBSE Board Exams for 2021.

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Now, as a student, what should you do? We’re sure, your mind stays blanks already. Chill out! We’re here to provide you with a few pieces of authentic information on evaluation criteria and results.   

What will be the evaluation criteria for the 12th CBSE board exam 2021 and how will it occur? 

To evaluate the performance of students in Class 12, the CBSE board has established a committee on Friday, June 4th. The committee accounts for developing well-defined objective criteria for evaluation and ensuring that results get compiled on time. The team committee, made up of 12 members, will decide on the formula for calculating the score. The team is expected to furnish the criterion report sooner to the Board. Based on the report, the board will actualize the data and get ready with the results. As a whole, these procedures may take around a couple of weeks. Thus, most likely, the results would be announced by end of July or mid of August. 

When will the 12th CBSE board exam 2021 results get announced?

As you already are aware, the class 10 board exams got cancelled lately (the last month). Consecutively, the board had announced a tentative date of June 20th for the results. But, the board had postponed the results until further decision or notice. However, following the cancellation of the 12th CBSE exam 2021, the result dates are yet to be announced. This is due to the fact that the board has not yet prepared the scoring formula for evaluating the class 12 students.

Keeping in mind, the future of the students, the board is expected to not delay the release of the results beyond July. This year’s academic sessions are already behind schedule due to online classes. Despite this, the 12th score sheet will be required for getting admission to higher education. So, the students are advised to visit the official social media handles of CBSE for any immediate news, updates, or official information.

For official notification, check the CBSE website here!

What should you do now?

Now that you all must be really confused as to what should you do next. Some of you might have already been wondering about which college to choose, what profession you would like to go for? Trust us, irrespective of whichever stream you come from, the decision regarding what to do next is critical. So take into consideration the plethora of courses, streams, entrance exams, and career paths. Rember that only the 12th CBSE board exams are cancelled. Not the entrance exams! If you need guidance from our industry experts, kindly contact us.

If you plan to study abroad and get admission into renowned universities and colleges, you must start preparing for exams like SAT, AP, IGCSE, IB, etc. These tests validate the students’ interest in the particular subject or stream while applying for admission. For more information on these exams, click here!

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3 Important Factors to Consider

Here are some points that you may consider which would help you decide what you want to do further:

  1. Your Interest

    It is really important to find out your passion and interest for anything you aspire to do in your life. Indeed, with mental clarity and broadened vision, you can easily choose the field that suits you the most.

  2. Exploring the courses

    Before deciding on any course, you must first determine what the course entails? Understanding the subject, its teaching methodology, and the career opportunities it provides is an important factor for your graduation course.

  3. Future Potential

    Selecting a course that matches your interest is great but what if it fails to provide you with a mindful or prospective future? You must not regret a wrong choice or a decision. So, choose a course that provides a handful of opportunities for your higher studies.

However, it is your decision regarding the field that you choose.

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