AS & A level qualifications of British curriculum

A level of British curriculum:
A Level (or Advanced Level qualifications) are a UK subject-based qualification of pupils who are aged 16 and above. The course is usually extended over a period of two years, after the qualification of which students will be recognised or qualified for entrance to higher education institutes in the UK and several others globally. A minimum of 3 subjects is required by most higher education institutes. Even though they are a UK qualification, schools all over the world provide A Levels.  There are many universities and higher education institutions internationally that recognize A levels as an appropriate entry qualification.

A Levels are an excellent choice for pupils who are unclear of which subjects they ace at. For instance, a student who is good at Maths but rather weak in English Literature would ditch English to focus on Maths. This is a far from reality in the case of IB.  The significance of the final written exams is that A levels are the best fit for students who easily crack written exams. Students who can revise methodologically, and do well in timed exams are most likely to pass A levels. Compared to IB that offers one overall certificate, students get separate certificates in every subject they pass in the case of A levels.

AS level of British curriculum:
AS level is Advanced Subsidiary Level. An AS Level comprises half the content of the related A Level, and is usually finished in one year. This spells complete flexibility, as learners can finish AS levels as qualifications in their own right. Learners undergo all the tests for their full A Level at the completion of the second year. In the UK, students can study the AS-Level either in the form of a free-standing qualification or the first half of the full A-level. In the year 2 of study, you take the A2, which isn’t a separate qualification, but the second half of the A-level. The design of A2 is such that it helps expands the knowledge that is gained during the AS-level.

When it comes to learning Chemistry as a subject online both for A-level and AS level qualification, we, at Chemistry Bench, engage pupils by involving them in chemical ideas and teaching practical skills in a range of contexts that links current applications of Chemistry and today’s research methodologies to the concepts required for studying Chemistry for both A-level and AS Level qualifications.