How to Judge the Performance of a Home Tutor


It is a fact that hundreds of thousands of students attend private tuition in the hopes of building their career and boosting their performance at school. This often requires considerable commitment and financial investment. If you have also hired a private tutor for your kids, then as a parent, it’s your responsibility to check whether the tuition classes are worth the time and expense or not.

How can you do that? It’s simple, you just have to use the following parameters, and most of the task will be done.


Know whether the Tutor Makes Complex Things Simple

One of the essential jobs of a tutor is to make complex theories and data simple and easy to understand. The tutor might use visual aids or diagrams to make complex things seem easier and memorable. If your kids’ tutor does that and it helps your kids to understand complex course modules better, then the tutor is doing a good job.

Know whether the Tutor is Polite and Well Mannered

You should never hire a person who is too strict or not well-mannered. Teaching your kids by using force or shouting at them or worse, hitting them with an object or slapping them around would never work. If the tutor uses any one of these tactics, it’s time to look for an alternative option.

Know whether the Tutor has Knowledge of Everything About the Subject

Merely having a degree in the subject is not enough these days. The world is changing so rapidly that people have to keep up with the changes. So, you should judge the performance of a tutor based on whether he or she can keep up with the latest happenings of the subject he or she teaches. For instance, if a person teaches international politics, is he/she aware of the current political relationships between the superpowers?

Know whether the Tutor Gets Results

When you hire a tutor, you are making a financial investment for the betterment of your kids. So, you should be able to calculate the ROI you are getting on those investments by looking at the grades of your kid. If they are improving due to the additional learning, you are getting a good ROI. If not, you better think of hiring someone else.

Know whether the Tutor Makes Sure Students Get Better

As a parent, you should not only focus on the academic development of your child. You should also focus on the overall development of the kid, a part of which includes how much time the kid is getting just to relax and how polite he is. If the tutor is contributing to the overall development of a child by let’s say teaching efficiently and is helping the kid learn better manners then you are getting good value for money.

Gather Student Feedback

Last but certainly not the least, you should judge the performance of a tutor by how the students, i.e., your kids feel about him or her. If they think that the person is too strict or the idea of a tuition classscares them, you should think of a replacement. In contrast, if the kids like him or her and look forward to tuition classes, the person is doing a good job.

That’s all folks! It is hoped that you will use these suggestions to find someone who helps your kids’ grow not academically but as individuals as well. Good luck!

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