How to Manage Stress During Board Exam?

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Board exams are and have always been a big cheese for the students. Most students realize that their career choices depend heavily on their performance in these exams. Therefore, to score higher in these exams, they get stressed. If you are also a student who is dealing with stress, then we suggest you read our tips on how to manage stress during exams. It will help you out.

Eat Well

You may not believe it yet but the fact is you are what you eat. So, you should try to eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetable-rich diet and avoid junk food or sugar-laced foods. Avoid foods with high-fat content as they might hamper your concentration levels and increase your stress levels.


A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. To ensure that you have both, you should exercise for at least an hour every day. Try this, when you are feeling too stressed from studying, take a 15-20-minute exercise break and get rid of some stress. Exercise also helps avoid weight gain due to stress and the release of endorphins that are released as a result of exercise also reduce the stress levels.

Sleep Regularly

As a student, it is highly suggested that you have a good sleep pattern. Go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning. In specific, students must get a minimum of seven to nine hours of sleep. If you don’t get this much sleep, you will end up making your body and mind excessively tired. A tired body and mind would harm your learning process and might add to your stress.

Take Breaks

If you have the habit of studying non-stop for many hours, then it’s time to kick that habit. It will do you no good. You should realize the importance of relaxing and taking regular breaks because if you don’t do that, your mind and body won’t be able to perform at their best. You can do anything during these breaks like exercise, have a healthy snack, or just follow your passion (like listening to music) as it will relax your mind.

Make a Study Zone

Keep a section of your room separated for study only. Make sure that the corner you have chosen is calm and comfortable. Also, ensure that the study zone is distraction-free as studying in a peaceful environment boosts a person’s confidence.

Meditate Regularly

It is a proven fact that people who meditate regularly get to control their nerves and calm the same. If you develop a habit of meditating for just 15-20 minutes every day, it will boost your concentration and develop sharp focus. You can meditate at any time but we recommend doing it in the morning to get better results and a calmer you from the start of the day.

Don’t Use Artificial Energy

There are a lot of artificial energy boosters out there that tempt the younger generation. You would do well to stay away from them as they often increase your stress levels. Some examples of these energy boosters include coffee or energy drinks.

Plan Well

It is also a good idea to plan and organize your schedule. If you fail to organize your day timetable or stick to it, you might end up increasing your stress levels. You should divide your time properly between exercise, study, recreational time, and sleep to strike the right balance.


Well, try adhering to these tips and learn to effectively manage stress during board exams!  

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