Last-minute tips for IB Chemistry May 2021 Examination

Last minute tips for IB Chemistry May 2021 Examination

Your IB Chemistry exams are just around the corner (scheduled on the 14th of May). At present, you must have almost prepared for your exam. This year, owing to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the IB Organization (IB Org) has brought about a couple of changes such as:

  • Modified Assessment Model
    The IB Org introduced a dual assessment model with changes in a few assessment components and elements. Based on the routes chosen, a particular school or a student undergoes a specific scoring pattern. To read more about the dual assessment, check out this link!
  • Change in the Syllabus
    The IB Org had removed the optional paper (Paper 3) from the science subjects including Chemistry.

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In this article, we’re sharing the last-minute important tips for IB Chemistry May 2021 examination. This will help you cooked up just before your exams begin. Trust us, this will help mold you “ready to win” and enable you to succeed at ease.

7 last-minute tips for IB Chemistry May 2021 Examination

  1. Review summaries, rather than full notes

    Chemistry is one of the most difficult sciences that the IB offers. However, the actual difficulty lies in the sheer size of the chemistry curriculum or the syllabus. You should consider these last minutes as a consolidation period. It is, therefore, a good idea to read over summaries such as mind-maps, or one-page bullet point summaries of each topic, doing so can be a good way to review the topic, and check your understanding.

  2. Prioritize things

    Now, you should have ideally studied enough of your course content and confident enough after solving a few past papers. There’s no point in focusing intensely on learning a new topic at this point. Believe us, doing this will backfire as you’ll waste time starting over a new topic. You will get nothing because this time is for revising the topics whatever you’ve learned.

  3. Sleep Well

    A lot of students tend to study the entire night before the day of the exam. Sometimes, a few students sleep just for about 2-3 hours. This is not at all advisable. We suggest you take a good sleep before your exam day. Only then your mind can work well. You have worked hard for the past few months and now is the time to relax and give your best.

  4. Stop studying at least 2 hours before the exam

    This is a very important point that every IB student must follow. A lot of students continue studying till the last minute even in the corridors of the exam Centre. This brings about a feeling that your mind is not yet prepared for the exam. This will land you under stress and make you even more nervous. So, stop studying and relax.  

  5.  Focus on Time Management

    You must adequately monitor yourself while giving a mock test or solving the previous year’s papers.  Creating a realistic approach will shape you time-bounded. Try to schedule your practice in the same manner as your actual IB exam. This will boost your confidence up and reduce your nervousness during an exam. Getting a 7 is very difficult in IB. To achieve it, we would recommend the students to do as many past papers as possible. Also, ensure to focus on the mark schemes. If you have any doubt regarding the overview of the course and its course structure, you can refer to this link.

  6.  Eliminating Choices

    The multiple-choice questions in the chemistry exam are designed to test your conceptual understanding. As you are given 45 (or 60) minutes to answer 30 (or 40) questions, don’t get tensed. Use the elimination method to logically knock down the given choices! It’s generally much easier to start by eliminating incorrect answers rather than choosing the correct one.

  7.  Read the entire question first

    Students usually carelessly lose marks by unanswering the full question. No matter the quality of your answer, if you didn’t read the entire question, you are giving away points that you could easily be picking up. Although you may feel stressed during the exam, feel like you have enough time to spend on every question. Do yourself a favor and read it completely before trying to answer.


Finally, everyone is different. Some of you must be excited; some must be scared but most of you must be nervous. Yes, you have worked very hard. Everyone has a lot of expectations. But at the end of the day, it’s just an exam. Just stay calm, focus on the syllabus whatever you have covered. Forget about the rest.

So use our last-minute tips for IB Chemistry May 2021 Examination. Make a point to place the hours into getting comfortable with the key ideas. In case if you’re battling with understanding a particular subject in the prospectus, or the whole chemistry schedule feels like a great mystery, get in touch with our first-class IB tutors here! They can help you with plenty of study materials and resources to clarify the concepts. Gear up for your IB tests now!

Best of Luck!