Stop talking about the 12th Board exams. Save your future with NEET & JEE!

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Stop talking 12th board exams. They are already suspended. So, what should you now? Save your future with NEET & JEE! 

Stop talking “Cancellation of 12th board exams”

In India, recognized school education boards like CBSE, and ICSE have either cancelled or postponed the 12th board examinations due to the uncertainty with the COVID pandemic. This decision has left the students to wonder about their future as college or university admissions are at the stake. 

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You already know that the 12th board exam is one of the most essential steps in higher education and career building. In fact, board exams act as a gateway for college admissions. However, there is another side to it. Most people think that the 12th board exams hardly account for any other advantage other than certifying the students upon the completion of their school life.

Despite these discrepancies, with the official cancellation of the 12th board exams, students cannot continue to fret about it. You have to start focussing on other opportunities coming your way i.e. NEET 2021 and JEE 201 entrance examinations.

The savior for 12th students: NEET and JEE in 2021

Though students worry about the scores in the cancelled 12th board exams, it is their great opportunity now to focus on NEET and JEE. Those students who have already chosen to route their future in engineering, medical, or other related disciplines, must have already been in the preparation mode for these competitive exams. But, for the students who were solely dependant on the 12th scores, NEET and JEE can win you a chance to fight your future. 

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Here is a short guide on choosing between NEET and JEE if you have a dilemma. In simple, the NEET entrance examination enables students to get admission into India’s recognized and top Medical Colleges. Whereas, the JEE entrance examination enables students to get admission into India’s tier-1 IIT or Engineering colleges. 

If you’ve clarity to choose between these two different disciplines, then it’s well and good. If you do not have the clarity yet, then get in touch with our industry experts. They can help you get through the right choices along with one-on-one entrance examination guidance sessions. 

How Challenging are NEET and JEE entrance examinations?

True that these entrance examinations are the most difficult exams to crack. But, with proper dedication and strategic preparation, you can achieve the qualifying marks or cut off in the respective exams. Also, these exams add value to those students who can shine through their core subjects (Physics, Biology, Maths). In other words, board exams are not enough to distinguish between a student who is competent and a student who just crams the entire 12th standard syllabus.  This shall in no way help highlight students who have an interest in the pursuit of long-term knowledge gaining from the group of pupils who just study for the sake of exams.

Thus, NEET and JEE entrance examinations leave no loopholes for any such cramming or shortcuts. The questions asked in NEET and JEE are completely application-based. Only this can help judge the aptitude, competency, and sharpness of the potential student.

Taking up NEET exam in 2021

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) administered by NTA (the National Testing Agency) catalyzes the students to get admissions in undergraduate medical, dental, BHMS, or equivalent courses in India.  

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This year, in 2021, due to the unprecedented pandemic, the NEET exams have been on a consecutive reschedule. Of late, the latest notification unveiled that the NEET 2021 exam is going to be conducted on September 13th instead of August 2021.

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Taking up JEE exam in 2021

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) administered by NTA screens the students who wish to pursue their engineering in recognized institutes namely IITs, NITs, NIITs, and GFTIs. The JEE exam is usually conducted in the months of February, March, April, and May. But, with the current pandemic, the JEE main exams have been rescheduled between September 1 and 6. Whereas, the JEE advance on September 27th, 2021.

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What next? Keep calm and save your future!

So what are you still waiting for? Still, talking 12th board exams? Dear students, stop wasting time brooding over the cancellation of your 12th board exam.  Get started with your NEET and JEE preparations as soon as possible. Happy learning!

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