Time-table for SAT Exam Eve – SAT Exam June 2021

Time table for SAT Exam Eve-SAT Exam June 2021

SAT Exam feels no less than an “Acid-Test” for students coming from a science background and having a keen interest in Chemistry. As you know, SAT exam is being used by many renowned & recognized institutions all over the globe. They use this exam to evaluate the students’ interest and knowledge towards a particular subject whilst applying for admission into their institution. Though the College Board has announced the dates for SAT June 2021 exam (scheduled on June 5, 2021) and the results (by June 18, 2021), there are a lot of chances for a reschedule or modifications anytime. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, expect any change anytime sooner or later. 

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Time-table for SAT Exam Eve

On the exam-eve, when it comes to deciding what to study first and how much time they should devote to each chapter, most of the students get confused. Also, it is quite impossible to curate a timetable that works perfectly for each candidate. Each student is unique in the way they think, learn, and revise. However, we wanted to give you some insights on how a SAT exam’s eve should go. Our Chemistry Bench experts have prepared a super-duper plan that shows how much time should you need to spend for/on each chapter on your Exam-Eve.

The time-table for SAT exam eve should look:

ChaptersWeightageSuggested Time to be taken
Structure of Matter


2 hours

States of Matter


1.5 hours

Reaction Types


1.5 hours



1 hour

Descriptive Chemistry


1 hour



1 hour

Equilibrium and reaction rates


1 hour

Lab practices


1 hour


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Last-minute Preparation Hacks

It is 6 PM on the clock and the exam is just the next day. So how are you going to spend your last few minutes? 

  • Start with high weightage chapters: Chapters like the structure of matter, state of matter, Reaction types, and Stoichiometry are high weightage chapters covering around 60% portion. So, complete them first.
  • Choose your favorite topics first: For example, if you have a way with Thermochemistry, you should start your revision from Thermochemistry. This will give boost your confidence and give you momentum. This will also help you in saving time to revise your weak concepts.
  • No skip in revision: Skim through all the topics. This is key when you’re stuck with an unfamiliar topic or question.
  • Test yourself by scanning the previous year’s question papers: What you can do is to analyze the questions papers that you have already solved during your preparation. 

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Do’s for SAT Exam June 2021

  • Make sure you stick to your timetable very diligently and carefully.
  • Do not get distracted. 
  • Take care of your mental as well as physical fitness.
  • Keep revising the key terms and formulas.
  • Don’t forget to take timely breaks throughout the preparation day.
  • Make sure you carry the stationery required for the examination.

Dont’s for SAT Exam June 2021

  • Do not stress yourself with the number of hours i.e. quantity of hours. Instead, focus on the quality of preparation hours. 
  • Avoid calling your friends and enquiring about their preparation. This will definitely lower your confidence.
  • Avoid procrastination.
  • Do not panic just before the exam.

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Best of Luck,
Team Chemistry Bench