Use of Technology in Online Tutoring


Use of Technology in Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is the new way of learning that helps a student to get access to classes and the services of a teacher. This method is highly popular because it lets students and teachers connect with each other even if they are hundreds of miles apart. This offers a lot of comfort to the teachers who can teach from any location and to the students who can learn from the comfort of their homes. The time of the lessons can also be decided by the tutor and the student as per their convenience.

Now, if you are intrigued by this new method of learning, then we suggest you keep scrolling to know more about it.

How Does it Work?

As a student, you can begin the process by seeking the best tutoring service online by checking its reputation and reviews. Then you need to select a good tutor from numerous options available to you. Once you have selected the tutor, you can then decide the time at which the online tutoring sessions would be held. You may decide to pay the tutor in advance or after each session. You can also opt for a monthly payment schedule.

How is Technology Used in Online Tutoring?

As online tutoring is becoming more and more tech-oriented these days, some of the common strategies used by the tutors to make a lesson interesting are:

  • Use of E-Whiteboards

Use of e-whiteboards has dramatically changed the student-tutor relationship. Thanks to this technology, a tutor, and a student can make use of the same white space on the computer screens to interact. This direct interaction ensures better learning as the student can answer questions or draw diagrams on the spot to prove that he or she has grasped a concept.

  • Use of Videos

In most cases, online tutors make use of interactive videos to explain a new concept to a student. These videos work wonders as a student can absorb new information in a visually appealing manner. After showing the video, an online tutor can do a debrief by asking relevant questions from a student.

  • Use of Multiple Choice Quizzes

After a tutor has explained new concepts to a student, the tutor usually checks the knowledge addition by taking tests at regular intervals. Thanks to technology, these are not boring and descriptive tests but interesting tests that take just a few minutes to complete. One example of these tests is a multiple choice quiz. In such quizzes, a student has to pick the right answer from some options. If a student fails the test, the tutor will ensure that the learnings are repeated in an easy to understand manner and if a student passes the test, the tutor will offer additional information to cement the learning.

  • Use of Online Games

Most tutors also make use of online learning games to make the learning process interesting. These games are usually selected by the tutor, and he or she asks the student to complete it during an online tutoring session. As games are a more enjoyable form of learning, this strategy is adopted by tutors to explain a particularly complex topic or sub-topic. In most cases, this tactic proves to be a hit as it opens up the mind of a student.

Wrapping Up

When an online tutoring session ends, a tutor usually recaps the entire session and motivates a student to keep re-learning it by providing additional practice questions or interactive games. A student has to complete these before the next session to ensure better learning.


In essence, it can be seen that technology is making online tutoring more powerful and impactful. So, if you are or plan to be an online tutor, you can’t avoid using it to your advantage.

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