What are the qualities that a NEET aspirant should cultivate?

Qualities that a NEET aspirant should cultivate

Ask any NEET ace, he or she would tell you that nothing ever great was achieved without grit and perseverance, though skill and diligence are essential. Here are the most important qualities a NEET aspirant should cultivate to stay in the game.

“If you set goals and go after them with all the determination you can muster, your gifts will take you places that will amaze you.” – Les Brown

Positive attitude: It is not ‘aptitude’ but ‘attitude’ that decides your ‘altitude’ in the NEET exam. You must be willing to work hard not just to clear the cut off marks, but to rank well and get admission into a reputed medical institution. You should align your priorities towards seeking excellence, if not hitting perfection.

Think with the end result in mind:
When it comes to cracking NEET exam, always have the end result in mind. Remember that there are several distractions that range from Social Media channels and killer entertainment online medium to time-killing hang-outs and get-togethers. NEET is the time to channel all your passion, energy and time, and work relentless towards achieving your goals. Simply put, NEET aspirants should think backwards leading to the intended results.

Power of habits:
Habits are nothing but consistent repetition of actions. Candidates who had previously aced NEET make a routine study drill and revision schedule attempting as many as mock tests as possible, making it a powerful habit almost sub-consciously. Another mantra of success is tailoring a highly realistically structured and elastic study plan that should accommodate delayed starts and rescheduling.

Analysing your strengths & weaknesses:
It is very important that you understand your strengths and weaknesses early on. “Know thyself” is a timeless maxim that applies to every age. You need to work on your strengths first: study and revisit what you’re good at, and turn your weaknesses into strengths by building upon your confidence levels by working on the tough topics.

Compete within yourself:
There is a tendency mostly in the Indian society to draw out comparison with one another, a self-defeating approach which can do more harm than good. Remember you need to compete within yourself;do not doubt your potential and lower your self-esteem when it comes to appearing for NEET.

Smart work & efficiency:
The market is flooded with tons of books, tutorials and personalized, group or batch coaching sessions on NEET. You need to decide the right study resources to keep yourself prepared and updated as per the latest curriculum. Remember that ‘small is big’. Study and revise the important concepts, and don’t chase everything under the sun tomake it big. Success is about doing smart work and being efficient.

The inquisitive mind:
Having an open and inquisitive mind that is open to doubts is an important quality that any NEET aspirant should develop. It is important to pursue knowledge inexorably, and clarify all your doubts, whether with your friends, seniors or tutors.

To conclude:
Remember that missing out on a single concept may cost you your seat. As for NEET, there is only a fine line that separates the winners from the also ran. It pays to develop the qualities mentioned above, and prepare yourself for the big day.