Why is it Important to Solve Previous Year Question Papers?

When you are a student, and everyone asks you to solve previous year question papers, you might wonder why it is important to solve previous year question papers. If so, you will find the reasons behind it right here. Just keep scrolling.

Practice Makes Perfect

We all have heard the saying practice makes perfect which means that the more you practice something, the better you will get at it. The same rule applies to solving previous year question papers. When you solve a problem again and again, you will understand a formula better or memorize the steps better which will help you to improve your performance with time and do excellently in exams.

Easy Revision Method

Solving previous year question papers helps you to revise the syllabus in an easy manner. No matter how much you think you have learned, unless you practice it, you won’t have an idea on how much learning you have retained. As retention is vital to performing well in the exams, the previous year papers will give you an idea on how much retention is there and how far ahead you still need to go.


Another reason for opting to solve previous year question papers is that you get to evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses. Yes, when you are solving previous year question papers after every few days, and you are getting stuck at the same question or formula, it will help you realize that you probably never understood the formula but just memorized it. It might motivate you to understand it this time so that you really grasp its concept.

Timing Yourself

Students who fail to solve previous year question papers often feel that they miss out on questions in the examination as they didn’t manage time appropriately. So, solving previous year papers teaches you the value of time management. You also improve with the passage of time. For instance, if you solved one sample paper in an hour and 10 minutes the first time you attempted it, it is highly likely that you will finish it within an hour the next time you attempt it.

Learning the Exam Pattern

When you solve exam papers of the last few years, it will help you to understand the recent trend of the exam. You will get a rough idea of how many questions are asked from which portion of the syllabus. For instance, if you are solving chemistry’s board exam paper, you will know how many questions were pertaining to organic chemistry and how many were from inorganic chemistry.

Final Words of Advice

Now, if you know the benefits of why it is important to solve previous year question papers, then we suggest that you try this trick once in every few days to ensure that you don’t end up memorizing the questions and filling the answers like a robot. Also, remember that solving previous year question papers is not the only recipe for success, you need to merge it with hard work and other preparation tactics in order to do well. Good luck!

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