5 Important Tips to Crack the IGCSE Chemistry 2021 exam

5 Important Tips to Crack the IGCSE Chemistry 2021 exam

Dear Chemistry lovers,

IGCSE Chemistry examination is not that far. By this time, you must have finished off your preparations and kick-started with revisions. If you’ve not started your revisions yet, it’s never too late. Don’t worry, just expedite your learning. We’re here to give you the important tips for the IGCSE chemistry exam 2021!

For those who are not familiar with IGCSE: The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is an international qualification examination conducted by the University of Cambridge International Examinations in the United Kingdom for high school students. The IGCSE curriculum is being by many schools across the globe.

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Here are our 5 most important tips that help you to easily crack your IGCSE Chemistry 2021 examination at ease.

5 Important Tips to Crack the IGCSE Chemistry 2021 exam

1. Effectively make use of Youtube resources

When you read through a particular topic in your Chemistry book, and if you feel a bit confused, without further ado start your Youtube search. As Youtube top ranks in giving quick chemistry explanations, it saves your time, as well as, helps you with super deeper conceptual understanding with the help of graphics, images, or videos on the Youtube video.

2. Inculcate smart answering methods

  • Unless the question specifies to point out any examples or illustrations, do not give them
  • When drawing graphs for reaction rates, never mind if you’re not able to draw lines straight from one point to another. Only connect the best fit points to make a curve
  • Read the questions thoroughly and then start answering
  • Try solving the questions from familiar topics first

3. Be keen on significant figures

In any calculative problem, your final answer must undoubtedly be a significant figure. Even extra decimals will mark it as incorrect answers.

Example: 5.778733 instead of 5.78

4. Never forget to prepare a revision checklist

Even though you prepare for months and years, your revision is what going to help you in the end. Get your revision checklist ready based on important topics, previous year question papers, and topic suggestions from your teachers.

5. Be careful of descriptive answers

When you’re attempting descriptive type questions, do check for keywords. Try producing the same keyword phrases used in the definitions. Only the same words fetch your points. Differently phrased statements are going to penalize your performance.

Also, be mindful of skimming through your answers before you submit them. The final skimming lets you correct your spelling mistakes and contradicting points. Besides, the final check helps in reviewing the total number of questions attempted.

Besides these 5 important tips, there is a golden rule that you need to follow. Practice! Yes, never give up and meticulously practice enough questions as possible.

For any clarifications with the sample or previous year’s questions, please talk to our expert Chemistry tutors!

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