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In Singapore, upper secondary education is known as post-secondary education and begins at the age of 16 following the lower secondary school of four years. Students are provided admission to post-secondary schools according to their GCE “O” level exam or “N” results if they’re in the ‘normal’ band. Singapore follows a spiral curriculum that helps students to have a better understanding of the concepts in subject matter as they move higher from primary to upper secondary education.  The curriculum for each year of education is clearly and closely followed by our teachers. This “Online Chemistry Course in Singapore” aims at helping students understand the different subject topics of Chemistry, as they continue to evolve with the change of teaching medium.

You may think that learning the subject of Chemistry is difficult at the secondary education level in Singapore. Hence, we, at Chemistry Bench, introduce key concepts, theory, principles. This makes the practice of Chemistry as a subject based on the Singapore school curriculum an easy job.

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Our pupils receive guidance and support from our team of professional Chemistry online tutors. They study the subject in a much-focussed way, besides clarifying all their doubts on a regular basis.  Chemistry Bench enables the transition from physical lessons in the classroom to online tutoring in a seamlessly integrated manner. We’re witnessing how well students, as well as parents, have embraced this welcome change.

Above all, we understand that students appear for high stakes national examinations at the end of primary, secondary and pre-university education in Singapore.  Therefore, we have accordingly developed our framework to match their cognitive abilities in line with their existing understanding, leading to steady and gradual mastery of the subject matter and key concepts involved.

We ensure quality online tutoring for learning Chemistry as a subject in Singapore with the required depth and flexibility. In addition, we guide with an array of study choices and pathways for pupils. So, with no delay, join our current batch of students! Join them and learn effectively with a high level of understanding and application of Chemistry concepts and skills.

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