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Chemistry Bench offers Chemistry tuitions to students and professionals from different parts of the country. No matter whether you are a middle school student or you are prepping for IGCSE, we are always there to help you. The tutoring sessions are organized in an online classroom which runs in the web browser.
Online tutoring is better than the traditional methods, visiting a tuition center, or letting a tutor come to your home because you don’t need to be at the same place as the tutor. The tutor can be sitting at any part of the world and still help you. Usually, our tutors make use of an on-screen whiteboard to make learning simple.
The tutoring software we use provides our tutors with a rectangular white space known as an on-screen whiteboard. The tutor and the student can communicate through it as both of them can write on or edit it. Use of virtual tools like pens, erasers, or pencils is essential and makes learning easy while making the sessions more interactive. We also play PowerPoint presentations, videos, and other media forms on the whiteboard to enhance your learning and keep things from getting boring!
Yes, the parents can get access to report cards at regular intervals via emails and they can see how the children are benefitting from the online tuitions. Parents can also contact us for the progress reports any time, and we would provide you with the latest progress report. If need be, the tutors can also talk about a children’s pain points with the parents.
You just need to visit ChemistryBench.com and see the details on the website. You can also contact us to help you find the best tutor.
Chemistry Bench is not an answer giving service provider. Our tutors won’t solve the Chemistry problems for you but will guide you on how to do it yourself. We want you to understand the concepts and be able to get the answer to every question on your own.
Our tutors are very flexible when it comes to setting a routine. We work with you according to your preferences and are okay with helping you at odd hours or the weekends whenever possible.
You will usually work with one or two tutors only. If you want to enhance your learning with only a specific tutor or you don’t want to interact with a specific tutor for some reason, give us a call, and we’ll look into the matter. Your satisfaction has mattered the most in the past, and it will matter the most in the future as well.
Yes, we do. We understand that eliminating doubts will help your learning curve and will allow you to get better understanding of concepts.
Yes, we provide one free trial per user. It gives you an idea of what to expect during the online tuitions. There are no hidden costs.
Thankfully, Chemistry Bench doesn’t hire tutors who are not qualified or rightly experienced. So, it is very unlikely that a tutor won’t be able to help you. If he or she can’t answer any question, a tutor will transfer you to another tutor who can help you. You don’t have to pay anything extra in such a case.
Yes, you can schedule a session in advance, and we encourage such actions a sit helps us to make the tutor available at your requested time.
Yes. If you want a tutor to connect to your other teachers of Chemistry, we can reach out to them to know your strengths and weaknesses in the subject. We can also highlight your strengths and weaknesses to the teachers.
Yes, the sessions are highly tailored to suit the needs of students, and interaction with other teachers also helps with it.
Our customer support team is excellent and will be willing to answer any questions that have remained unanswered yet. Keeping the students happy is our ultimate goal, and we work hard to achieve it every day.
You can simply contact us. We will access your skills and abilities and try to find a suitable position for you.
You will need to have a degree in Chemistry, some on the job experience and you must ass our background check. As our reputation is at stake, we test you thoroughly before taking you on board.
The most important benefit of joining Chemistry Bench is that you will help in changing the lives of hundreds of students and help them succeed in life. You will also get decent pay and the ability to work at flexible hours. In most cases, you will work from home, which means no commuting to the office and no office gossip!
Once you join us, we will match you up with the students who need your help the most. We’ll also train you on how to use an online whiteboard (in case you don’t know already) so that you can understand a student’s perspective and help him or her overcome difficulties.
When you join us, you will need to pass a few tests and complete a special training program. Your sessions with the students will be checked from time to time to ensure that you are doing quality work and not brushing things off or misleading the students.
If you have any other questions that are not answered here, feel free to get in touch. We’ll help everyone, a student, parent, teacher, or a tutor the best we can!