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Alchemy Chemistry Quiz Contest - the only online quiz exclusive for Chemistry

Dear Grade IX to XII students, test your love for chemistry!

No registration fee. Every quiz is theme-based. Learn Chemistry with fun

With #Alchemy, Chemistry Bench aims at reaching as many high school students as possible and impart a change in their mindset from “boring chemistry” to “interesting & fun-filled chemistry”.

Alchemy Chemistry Quiz Contest enables students to logically think, contemplate, and train their brains to easily learn the chemistry basic concepts. By consistently participating in this quiz, they get skilled at critical thinking and problem-solving.

Undoubtedly, this will enhance their confidence and push them to score higher in chemistry tests & exams. This way, the students fear no final exams or competitive exams.

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4th July 2021


Coordination Compounds


Closed! But you can take up the quiz now...