We promote the learning of chemistry among pupil through our smart classroom centres and online classes.

Chemistry Bench has specialized classroom centres where we are catering quality education in the field of chemical science. We are providing interactive leaning through technology through our smart class-room audio-visual setup which can increase the concentration of students. We keep limited students in our batches so that individual attention can be given to each and every student in order to provide quality education and better results.

Our Programs

The entire syllabus for Physical, Organic, Inorganic and Material Chemistry prescribed for the CBSE exam is covered in details.
Full-time programme commencing on 31st march every year.
LESSONS will be conducted with different audio-visual aids and power point presentations with 3D graphics and animations for in-depth knowledge, better understanding, and long persistence of the concepts in student’s minds.
Regular test papers and discussion on previous question papers of CBSE pattern.
Previous years solved question papers.