Online Group Class

Reasons to choose Online group classes

Online Group Class

Online lessons are helping educational institutions all over the world to beat the COVID-19 lockdown so that the academic calendar is not perturbed.  All said and done the teaching learning process this year continues in offline/online/blended mode. We already have a fair understanding of how one-to-one learning mode can actually help pupils through constant attention of the tutor, adjustments to time constraints, flexibility of learning pace, wide array of study choices, effective measurement of learning progress and greater adaptability to one’s learning methodologies. The advantages of it, as we see, far outweigh its demerits. This week’s blog will deal with how online group classes can enhance one’s learning capabilities and the many advantages of this learning approach.

Even though the option of online group class, or rather the convenience of it, has invoked mixed reactions from the student community, overall online group classes for learning subject matters has greatly enhanced collaborative learning experience, especially when it involves working at group projects. Students work together to study a particular chapter or subject and apply the learning within a focussed, closed virtual space.  Here are top five reasons why online group classes can be an essential component of today’s study culture and capabilities:

1. Accountability:
A highlight of online group class is that it enhances a sense of moral accountability among pupils to excel in learning tasks and deliver projects on time. It helps keep distractions completely at bay, and increases the ability of pupils to focus intensively on the positives outcomes that will steer them towards success.

  1. Building meaningful and credible relationships:
    Being part of an online group helps pupils build greater credibility and meaningful relationships as part of the learning process. This professional relationship can boost the collaborative nature of group classes online for better individual results. In recent times, when the world came to a standstill and learning to a screeching halt due to the ongoing pandemic, online group classes sustained and nurtured professional relationships through online group classes.
  2. Feedback mechanism:
    Online group classes are a great way to receive and provide feedback in return. This feedback mechanism can offer a fresh perspective to the learning process, understanding of vital concepts and problem-solving techniques. It also helps build group discussion and team-building skills which will help shape key traits that will shape a pupil’s career in the long run. Prompt feedback also offers a quick route to correct one’s mistake right from the onset rather than taking hasty cosmetic measures.
    4. Collaborating with one another:
    Online group classes increases the prospects of collaboration with one another, thereby raising intellectual curiosity and decision-making. Complex subjects or theoretical concepts can be broken down into simple chunks and discussed with the group to produce significant results.
  3. Break down cultural barriers
    Online group classes can easily break down cultural barriers and identity crisis in a multifarious society. Learning levels can differ individual-wise, but group classes conducted online can integrate learning capabilities and increase the effectiveness of both the individual and the group as a whole. There is a shared sense of empowerment and accountability as a result of cultural exchange, with online group classes serving as an excellent interface.