Taking AP Chemistry Exam 2021 in India

What should you know while Taking AP Chemistry Exam 2021 in India

Advanced Placement (AP) exam is your key to getting placed in advanced University-level courses or earn college credits. Of course, scoring higher in AP exams help you to save your tuition fee and skip introductory-level course in college. For students taking the AP (Chemistry) Exam 2021 in India, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, here is your complete guidance.

About the Advanced Placement (AP) exam

Advanced Placements Test (AP Test) is a standardized examination conducted by the College Board. The exam tests the knowledge and problem-solving skill of the candidate. Nevertheless, the candidates can give the exam in various subjects. Since 1956, the exam has demonstrated efficient results. Indeed, it has helped students get admission and pursue specific courses from world-renowned and top universities. 

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AP tests cover a wider syllabus than SAT exams. Also, the AP test evaluates the students’ advanced knowledge about the respective subject. Therefore, most universities and colleges give AP tests as a preference over SAT exams.  

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Taking AP Exam 2021 in India

Currently, administrations-3 level exams are going on in India. In administrations-3, students can explore different options for taking up their AP exams in 2021. In fact, they can take the exam either via paper/pencil at a test center or undergo digital tests right from their homes. 

(i) For students taking up the exam at a test center

Uh oh, the registrations for taking up AP Exams 2021 at authorized test centers have already been closed. In case, you have already registered, do check out the authorized AP test centers in India here.

(ii) For students taking up the digital tests

Students can take their AP digital tests at home. For this, they must set up the digital testing application well before the test schedule. As a pre-requisite, you must first validate your time zone (India time) on the AP Exam Schedule. This provides the exact exam date and time. In India, digital exams will either commence at 9:30 p.m. or 1:30 a.m. 

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Taking AP Chemistry 2021 in India

According to administrations-3 AP exams, the AP Chemistry exam is going to be conducted on Thursday – 10th June 2021 at 9.30 pm.

Here is the updated AP Chemistry curriculum! 

Additionally, to access the College Board’s classroom resources, sign in here.

Students have to take the AP Chemistry exam for 3 hours and 15 minutes. The exam consists of two sections: 

  • Multiple-choice section (90 minutes – 60 MCQs): 

This section contains discrete MCQ questions. Important of all, students have to attempt this section without the use of a calculator. Besides, the MCQ grading is computerized.

  • Free-response section (105 minutes – 3 long-form & 4 short-form questions): 

In contrast to MCQs, a committee grades this section. This section validates the students’ knowledge, conceptual understanding, quantitative/qualitative translation, logical ability, etc. Accordingly, students can use a 4-function, or graphing or scientific calculator to attempt this section.

Weightage for AP Chemistry Topics 2021

UnitTopicThe weightage (of exam score)
Unit 1Atomic Structure and Properties7%–9%
Unit 2Molecular and Ionic Compound Structure and Properties7%–9%
Unit 3Intermolecular Forces and Properties18%–22%
Unit 4Chemical Reactions7%–9%
Unit 5Kinetics7%–9%
Unit 6Thermodynamics7%–9% 
Unit 7Equilibrium7%–9%
Unit 8Acids and Bases11%–15% 
Unit 9Applications of Thermodynamics7%–9% 


Points you must consider before appearing in the AP exam 2021

Firstly, students cannot retake a subject exam in the same year. Secondly, you cannot take 2 exams scheduled on the same date. Thirdly, you must possess valid ID proof for appearing in the exams. So, what next?

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