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NEET Chemistry Online Coaching Classes

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NEET Chemistry Online Classes


Are you looking for the most reputed online entrance exam training programme in Chemistry for NEET? Our NEET online training program for Chemistry including One on One and Group classes’ methodology offers specialised medical entrance coaching both for the new NEET UG entrance exam as well as the AIIMS preparation programs.
Our online NEET Entrance Exam program for Chemistry will set you in the right direction with the much needed skills set to ace the NEET UG exam (or the AIPMT exam) in accordance with the CBSE syllabi of Class 11 and Class 12 for Chemistry. Our NEET coaching program integrated with Home Help & Numericals Help Online is a comprehensive suite covering the curriculum of both the NEET UG exam as well as the AIIMS exam. With a bit of effort with Chemistry Bench, students can dig out maximum marks in this all important assessment.
We’ll help students uncover many useful contents which will definitely help them with NEET Chemistry preparations with regular and thorough practice. With clear concepts, either theoretical or numerical, throughout our program for clear understanding, our well-planned execution always pays off.


Class Timing Timing can be customized as per student’s schedule
One on One or Group Class ( Online)
No. of theory class hours Estimated NEET Grade XI – 105 Hours

NEET Grade XII – 105 Hours

Note – Class hours depend on student level and can also be customized if student want to study any particular topics.

NEET Chemistry Classes Highlights

We keep limited students in our online group batches so that individual attention can be given to each and every student in order to provide quality education and better results.

Course Features

  • Lectures 29
  • Quizzes 0
  • Students 0
  • Assessments Yes
  • Class XI 13

    • Lecture1.1
      Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
    • Lecture1.2
      Structure of Atom
    • Lecture1.3
      Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
    • Lecture1.4
      Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
    • Lecture1.5
      States of Matter: Gases and Liquids
    • Lecture1.6
    • Lecture1.7
    • Lecture1.8
      Redox Reactions
    • Lecture1.9
    • Lecture1.10
      s-Block Element (Alkali and Alkaline earth metals)
    • Lecture1.11
      Some p-Block Elements
    • Lecture1.12
    • Lecture1.13
      Environmental Chemistry
  • Class XII 16

    • Lecture2.1
      Solid State
    • Lecture2.2
    • Lecture2.3
    • Lecture2.4
      Chemical Kinetics
    • Lecture2.5
      Surface Chemistry
    • Lecture2.6
      General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements
    • Lecture2.7
      p- Block Elements
    • Lecture2.8
      d and f Block Elements
    • Lecture2.9
      Coordination Compounds
    • Lecture2.10
      Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
    • Lecture2.11
      Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers
    • Lecture2.12
      Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
    • Lecture2.13
      Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
    • Lecture2.14
    • Lecture2.15
    • Lecture2.16
      Chemistry in Everyday Life