Do or die chapters and topics for NEET Chemistry 2021

Do or die chapters or topics for NEET Chemistry 2021

Hello NEET aspirants! 

How are your preparations for NEET Chemistry 2021 going this year? We understand you well. We know how difficult it is to handle all the subjects together as you near your examinations. We are also worried about how your revisions are going? That is why, at #ChemistryBench, our experts have come up with a list of do or die chapters and topics that you need to concentrate on for NEET Chemistry 2021 this year.

  • For students who’ve already kick-started their revisions, this is a kind of bonus list for some extra or 2nd set of revisions!
  • For students who’re still fighting against the syllabus, this is something that you cannot take for granted.

To easily score higher or at least clear the exam, you have to invest in some additional hours or efforts. Not to all the chapters. But, to a few chapters or topics in the NEET chemistry 2021 syllabus.

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As you know, NEET Chemistry 2021 examination will have 45 questions to be answered. Each correct answer fetches you 4 points. Each incorrect answer fetches you -1 point. Class XI  questions account for 23 (with 92 marks). Class XII questions account for 22 (with 88 marks). This totals the NEET Chemistry score to a maximum of 180 marks.

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Do or die chapters and topics in NEET chemistry 2021

  1. Based on the chapter/ Class weightage
  2. Based on the difficulty level
  3. Based on experts/ NEET Chemistry tutors

1. Based on chapter weightage


No of questionsMarks


Physical Chemistry – Class XI 832

47.06 %

Physical Chemistry – Class XII


52.94 %

Inorganic Chemistry – Class XI


53.33 %

Inorganic Chemistry – Class XII


46.67 %

Organic Chemistry – Class XI


30.77 %

Organic Chemistry – Class XII936

69.23 %

Highest weightage topics in Physical Chemistry

  • Thermodynamic (Class XI)
  • Equilibrium (Class XI)
  • Solutions (Class XII)
  • Electrochemistry (Class XII)
  • Chemical kinetics (Class XII)

Highest weightage topics in Inorganic Chemistry

  • Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure (Class XI)
  • s-Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline earth metals) (Class XI)
  • Some p-block elements (Class XI)
  • d and f Block Elements (Class XII)
  • Coordination Compounds (Class XII)
  • p-block elements (Class XII)

Highest weightage topics in Organic Chemistry

  • Some Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry (Class XI)
  • Hydrocarbons (Class XI)
  • Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids (Class XII)
  • Biomolecules (Class XII)
  • Alcohol, phenols, and ethers (Class XII)
ChapterClass XI contributionClass XII contributionTotal
Physical Chemistry323668
Inorganic Chemistry322860
Organic Chemistry163652


chapter-wise total weightage Do or die chapters for NEET Chemistry


2. Based on the difficulty level

Type #1: Easy and important 

Biomolecules and Polymers5.93%
Chemical Thermodynamics4.44%
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties3.70%
Solid State2.96%

Type #2: Not easy but important 

Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure7.41%
s Block elements (Alkali and Alkaline earth Metals) and Hydrogen6.67%
p Block Elements5.93%
Alcohols and Ethers5.93%
Coordination Compounds5.93%
Chemical Kinetics5.19%
Alkanes, Alkenes, and Alkynes (Hydrocarbons)4.44%
General Organic Chemistry4.44%
Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry (Mole Concept)3.70%
Amines and Diazonium Salts2.96%

Type #3: Not so easy and not so important 

Ionic Equilibrium2.22%
Liquid and Gaseous State2.22%
Redox Reactions and Volumetric Analysis2.22%
d and f Block Elements1.48%
Carbonyl Compounds (Aldehydes and Ketones)1.48%
Chemistry in Everyday Life1.48%
Chemical Equilibrium1.48%
Isomerism of organic compounds1.48%
Solutions and Colligative Properties1.48%
Haloarenes and Phenols1.48%
Classification and Nomenclature of Organic Compounds0.74%
Practical and Environmental Chemistry0.74%
General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Metals (Metallurgy)0.74%
Atomic Structure0.74%
Nuclear and Surface Chemistry0.74%
Carboxylic Acid and its Derivatives0.00%
Qualitative Inorganic Analysis0.00%
Purification and Characterization of Organic Compounds0.00%



3. Based on experts/ NEET Chemistry tutors

As experts, NEET chemistry tutors have suggested the students to focus on some of the basic concepts or principles. This shall help the students solve even the tricky questions asked in any of the categories or chapters.

  • Quantum mechanical model of an atom
  • Bohr model for the hydrogen atom
  • Stability of coordination compounds
  • Bonding in coordination compounds
  • Mole Concept And Molar Masses
  • Stoichiometric Calculations
  • Colligative properties
  • Ideal and non-ideal solutions
  • The valence shell electron pair repulsion theory
  • Valence Bond theory
  • Hybridization
  • Solubility Equilibria of sparingly soluble salts
  • Ionization of acids and bases
  • Isomerism 
  • Organic reaction mechanism
  • Properties of alcohols and properties of phenols



P.S: Please note that we have prepared this list of important chapters and topics with enough references that had chapter-wise weightage of the NEET Chemistry syllabus. This will serve as a priority list for all the NEET chemistry aspirants. In simple words, these are do or die chapters and topics. So, stay strategic and smart at your NEET Chemistry 2021 preparations!!!

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