How to crack NEET Chemistry (score at least 160) at ease?

How to score at least 160 in NEET Chemistry


How to score not just 160 (minimum slab) but 180/ 180 in NEET Chemistry?

NEET chemistry (National Level Medical Entrance Test) syllabus covers nearly 30 chapters (14 topics from Class 11 and 16 topics from Class 12) in total. You are given 45 questions for which you score 4 marks for every right answer and -1 for every wrong answer.

Detailed NEET Chemistry syllabus and exam structure are here!

Now that you have submitted your applications for NEET 2021, your preparations have to get expedited! Only 3 months left! So how are you planning to do your final preparations? For concentrating Chemistry, you may have 15 – 30 days probably.

So, here’s how you can easily crack NEET Chemistry (40 right answers). Remember, these strategies can help your get all 45 questions right.

1. Allocate one to two chapters a day

Based on your subject and time allocation, try spending a day with at least one to two chapters. This helps in multiple revisions of the concepts when exams are nearing. Also, this leaves a couple of days that can help with revising important formulas and working out the most asked questions.

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2. Alternate between chapters

For some students, alternating between theoretical and analytical concepts would work. For others, alternating between the sections (Physical chemistry, organic chemistry, and inorganic chemistry) would work. Choose the one that suits your interest.

3. Weightage matters

Though you prepare the timetable based on your interest towards the individual chapters, each has its weightage. Take into consideration this weightage so that higher weightage topics are revised well in advance.

4. Make a note of topics that you’re doubtful

As you’re nearing the examination, either you need to spend some extra hours to clearly understand the complicated topics or with no further delay seek guidance from chemistry tutors.

5. Ensure to focus more on Class 12 topics

More than 50% of the questions come from Class 12 topics. Hence, take extra efforts to thorough all the 16 chapters in class 12. This does not mean that class 11 topics are of less importance.

6. For final revisions, refer and consider the NCERT book authenticated

Experts claim that NCERT books are sufficient to score 160+ in NEET chemistry. Also, the fact is that these books suffice to score 180. It all varies with preparation levels and the use of books other than NCERT.

7. Solve previous year questions

Solving past question papers will make you get ready for exam mode, analytical thinking, and problem-solving state of mind.


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